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Product Manager

Job Description & Specification – Product Manager


Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, the Product Manager will be responsible for the development of an exciting new product range and growth category, so is a great opportunity to join a well backed and well researched new venture that has huge potential for growth.

The Product Manager will be responsible for the end-to-end management of the product life cycle from customer and market insight through to launch and until discontinued. The PM will be a champion of their products across the business and also shares responsibility for the delivery of the profit targets for the products he or she is responsible for so must have a good balance between technical and commercial skills. They also play a key part in shaping the way products are communicated to our customers, identifying and describing key selling points and features based on customer needs. This team member will help us bring our new product ideas to market much more quickly, bringing forward revenues and delivering incremental profits to the business. Above all the person must be organised, driven and a strong communicator, both written and verbal to enable the successful delivery of projects within agreed timeframes.

For the successful candidate there will be the opportunity for fast career progression and leadership roles.

Specific Responsibilities

The Product Manager will be responsible for the following:

  • Gather market and customer insights that will shape product development, carrying out different types of research to ensure the right products and specifications.
  • Identify product opportunities and shape up product proposals based on the above market insights, benchmarking versus competition.
  • Liaising with suppliers and the internal team to shape up specs and costs in line with above proposals.
  • Work with Commercial Team in Putting together robust commercial product plans for both new and existing products that support the achievement of our financial goals.
  • Finalising product specifications to ensure market competitiveness and product testing to ensure that quality aligns with the high standards expected by the business.
  • Identify customer needs, shape messaging hierarchy, describe key selling features and own the product specifications document.
  • Manage projects through the NPD Stage and Gate process, securing approval at each stage from concept through to launch, including internal team training.
  • Manage the full product life cycle, maximising profitability and selling off stocks at the end of the products life. Identify and implement ongoing innovation and optimisation opportunities.
  • Engage with Customer Service to get customer feedback for making ongoing improvements.
  • Ultimately responsible for the successful performance of the products and categories he or she is responsible for.

 Skills Required

  • Project Management Skills – Organisation skills, able to use Excel spreadsheets to plan and manage projects.
  • Technically Capable – comfortable with dealing with engineering and electrical specifications as part of the NPD process and communicating technical features and benefits to customers.
  • Communication Skills – Needs to be able to communicate clearly and confidently both verbally and in writing at a variety of levels both internally and with suppliers.
  • Numerate and Analytical – Needs to be able to analyse market data to support commercial decision making.
  • High levels of drive and professionalism – Needs to set high personal standards and can motivate others to support the on-time delivery of NPD projects.
  • Microsoft Office – Working knowledge of Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • Working knowledge of Solidworks or Photoshop would be an advantage, as would design, coding or other software experience.
  • Knowledge of mechanical or electrical engineering (mechatronics) also an advantage

Desired Experience & Qualifications

  • Candidate will ideally have at least 3 years of experience in a role that demonstrates the skills required above.
  • Ideally degree or similar qualification in either a technical or business-related subject.

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