What it’s like working with Forward Role

We work hard to offer a first class service to every single candidate and we’re proud to hold a five-star rating on Google with over 100 5-star reviews. Here’s what some of our recently placed candidates have said about us…

★★★★★ - Benjamin Walsh 

I had a great experience as a candidate working with Vicky, she did everything in her power to help me and keep me informed. The next time I'm hiring in for my team, I'll be sure to contact them.


★★★★★ - Kate Williamson

I recently turned to Forward Role in seeking a new job. Aimée Buchan was a star! From start to finish she offered me all of the support I needed, was positive and can honestly not recommend this girl enough if you are looking for a new opportunity in Digital Marketing! We got on so well and she understood exactly what I wanted straight away, made the whole process less stressful and found a friend in her along the way too. Forward Role help you get the best package and job that is right for you and won't stop until that is achieved. Aimée I cannot thank you enough!!


★★★★★ - Gareth Hughes

Great recruitment company. I worked with Mike to land a great opportunity at great company. I’d highly recommend them to anyone seeking a new challenge.

★★★★★ - Nazmeen Malik

I've dealt with many a recruitment firm and have to say Forward Role has been the best one I've dealt with by afar a mile.  Clearly these guys have made a conscious effort to stand out from the competition culturally and professional. More than anyone, I have to say Paddy is one person who genuinely cares about the client and candidate in equal measure. It really has been a pleasure dealing with him. Well done to him and the team!

★★★★★ - Katie Livingstone

Working with Becky has been great and surpassed any experience of recruitment that I’ve had in the past. She took the time to understand what I was looking for and was extremely knowledgeable about the opportunities available.

Becky was always on hand to answer any questions and I felt fully supported throughout.  All interviews were organised with minimum interruption to my existing position. To be able to talk through each stage in detail made the whole process much less stressful. I’d highly recommend Becky and Forward Role.


★★★★★ - Marco Ferrai

I strongly recommend to work with Forward Role Recruitment, and specifically with Phill! This guy helped me to develop my career in digital marketing and find my dream job: top-notch recruiter! Thank you


★★★★★ - Beth Miller

I have now secured jobs on three different occasions using Forward Role and cannot recommend enough.
When compared to other recruitment agencies, Forward Role's staff are honest and genuinely look to ensure they find the perfect role for you, as opposed to other's who try to push you into any old job role.
Becky Smith has been so helpful ever since our first contact. She's super outgoing, professional and friendly. Not only did she manage to get me a job offer but at a higher salary than I was expecting.
More recently, I have been in contact with Aimée, again she was incredibly welcoming and down-to-earth. She invited me for a coffee, listened to exactly what I was looking and has helped me to secure a new job which I am really excited about. I cannot be more grateful.

★★★★★ - Nikki Phillips

The best recruitment agency I've worked with by far. Dan has been a super star, really helpful and informative but not pushy or overbearing. I would definitely recommend Forward Role to anyone job hunting.

★★★★★ - Ryan Devlin

By far and away the best agency I've dealt with. Full stop. Both Guy and Paddy kept in touch with me constantly, gave me insight into highlighting your skills and experience in the best-possible way, but most of all were genuinely wanted to find the right job for me, rather than getting me something quickly.

Every role they put me forward for was a good fit, and even provided me with the perfect job with the perfect company. Wouldn't hesitate recommending Forward Role to anyone in the marketing communications industry, who is looking for their next career move.

★★★★★ - Chris Mannion

I've spoken with a number of recruitment agencies when looking for work but Forward Role are by far the best I've ever come across. Paddy in particular went above and beyond when finding me a role that matched my skills, experience and personal requirements offering me some great insight and advice prior to my interview and again for the second stage interview. Due to this work ethic and care taken I have been successful and accepted a job offer in a role I'm very excited about. I genuinely cannot recommend these guys enough!

★★★★★ - Laura Stanworth

Nathan was a great help during my job search and found me a great position in a highly respected company. I can safely say I wouldn’t have got the role without him; as he proactively chased the company to secure a job offer. In a tricky week of decision making, he also gave great advice and regular support. I would definitely recommend Forward Role when looking for a job!

★★★★★ - Bradley Johnson

Nathan slid into my DMs just at the right time. I was struggling with the commute to the previous job and was starting to feel like I needed the next step in my career. Throughout the whole process he was an absolute privilege to work with, his knowledge and experience of working and liaising between clients and agencies was second to none, something I hadn't come across in the few recruitment professionals I'd spoke to. Nathan (and the guys at Forward Role) are anything but opportunists and they really do want to help their clients, make them successful and get to know the candidates they deal with. So much so, they're as close to friends as they can be.

Nathan's a true legend, and always makes the time to catch up and check up on his clients. This was my first successful experience with Forward Role and after working with two other professionals from other agencies I wouldn't even consider looking elsewhere when the time comes to move on again. They even send you some sweets on the first day! What more could you ask for!? In an industry that often gets bad press for time wasters and opportunists, these guys stand out from the crowd. I promise you won’t find a nicer bunch of switched on and down to earth professionals. Thanks to Nathan and the team at Forward Role, you're all flippin' great!

★★★★★ - Duke Tanson

Brian is one of the best digital recruiters I’ve had to deal with. He has a solid knowledge of the digital area and provides a good fit of talent and work culture for both candidates and recruiters. He supported me in securing my current role and was absolutely spot on in his recommendation and tips. I would highly recommend him for your digital recruitment needs.

★★★★★ - Sarah Keedy

I can't recommend Steve and Izzy at Forward Role strongly enough. They really take the time to get to know you as an individual and what you are looking for in a role. This means every introduction is likely to be a fit rather than the usual push just to fill a role regardless of suitability.  A real pleasure to work with them both.

★★★★★ - Lisa Meadows

Guy is a superb recruiter and his knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and ability to pick out the right people has always shone whenever I’ve worked with him. He puts a huge emphasis on listening to exactly what you’re looking for and making sure the candidates he puts forward match both the requirements of the role and the fit of the team and the company. I’ve never had to sift through disappointing or poorly matched CVs and the candidates he sends over for interviews are always really well prepped. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him whether you’re a candidate looking for a new role or a client trying to fill a tricky or pivotal position in your team.

★★★★★ - Darren Cousins

Anyone who has ever dealt with recruitment companies usually has a negative opinion due to pushy calls and mis-matched applicants/applications. Thank God for Forward Role, a company that literally takes the time to get to know you, understands what you want from a job and then hand picks a select few jobs that are matched to your skills and aspirations. They interview candidates on both sides of the table and match people extremely well.

An unexpected nice touch was the sweet basket that arrived on my first day, which was used as an ice breaker when I walked around the office to introduce myself. As if that wasn't enough to bowl me over, they invite all their newly placed candidates to a meet and greet evening with great food and drink.

I would recommend Forward Role to everyone looking for a job and to anyone who doesn't want to waste time hunting for a recruitment consultancy.

★★★★★ - Beth Miller

Becky has been so helpful ever since our first contact. She's super outgoing, professional and friendly. Not only did she manage to get me a job offer but at a higher salary than I was expecting!

★★★★★ - Humaima Shahid

I worked with Sophie and received amazing service and aftercare. Now I have my dream job and bounce into work :D

★★★★★ - Michael Portz

I’ve worked with Forward Role on two occasions now and each time they’ve landed me a job. A very switched on team who understand the PR/digital space and its intricacies. They also take time to understand their candidates wants and wishes and match them with a suitable role not just any role.

★★★★★ - Denise Tench

Dan at Forward Role took care of my career search and after some exploration of various options over the course of a year (it's worth taking time over these things and not losing heart), he connected me with a role that I am now very happy with and one that has been great for my career progression. Dan was supportive and hardworking throughout the process and beyond, checking in regularly and sending best wishes after I got the job. I would recommend Dan and Forward Role and want to thank them for the part they played in my current career path. Thank you guys!

★★★★★ - David Llewellyn

I had a great experience with Steve and Izzy. Super professional, lots of support and great advice and always responsive with their communications. Highly recommended.

★★★★★ - Maria D

My experience with Forward Role Manchester has been very good since the beginning. Charlotte talked me of a job opportunity and before the interview she briefed me very well about the whole the process. Charlotte has been professional and friendly at the same time and I would definitely recommend this recruitment agency.

★★★★★ - Daniel Jones

Would recommend forward role recruitment highly. I'd been liaising with Sophie, a recruiter of forward role, for perhaps 2-3 weeks before I'd managed to secure and indeed pass my first professional interview.

I am now 6 months into my role and loving every minute of it.  The role is challenging and all the more satisfying and a massive thank you to Sophie Page for playing a pivotal 'role' in aiding me to securing this position. Thank you Sophie, and thank you Forward Role.

★★★★★ - Khristine Gallagher

During my job search I worked with various people at Forward Role and what I've taken away from it is that everyone there is so dedicated, professional and lovely! I had so many interviews lined up (at great companies as well) - which meant that they were all committed towards finding me something that I would enjoy. As a candidate I felt valued and respected, which I think is such a breath of fresh air when you find yourself filling in 4-page data forms and waiting around for recruiters at bigger and perhaps more well-known agencies. I did work with other recruitment agencies during this time, but everyone's genuine enthusiasm and support at FR during my job search made them stand out above all others. Thank you so much Dan and everyone at Forward Role for your support and for finding me a such worthwhile job!

★★★★★ - Danny Short

Since day one my consultant Rachel has been great in finding me my new role. She really worked with me to understand if certain roles would be the right fit & recommending me for the one we thought would work best. At interview she guided me through tricky questions & situations to make sure I didn’t come unstuck. Rachel has been a pleasure to work with friendly & supportive at every stage of the process & most importantly got me a great new role. Thanks again Rachel

★★★★★ - Sarah Keedy

I can’t recommend Izzy highly enough for her skills as an exec recruiter.

I had the pleasure of working with Izzy during my most recent search process. She took the time to get to know me as an individual and proactively kept in touch throughout. Her investment in getting to know you as an individual enables her to recommend roles with the right personality and culture fit, as well as finding the right skills and industry match.

She’s a pleasure to work with and based on my personal experience as a candidate I’m confident that you would end up with the right role by working with Izzy and Forward Role.

If you're looking for your next career move within marketing, digital or technology, get in touch today!

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